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DETAIL49 SystemX

We have three tiers of ceramic nano coating with long warranties.

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All deposits go towards a service price. Deposits are non-refundable, however you may reschedule.

$25 Deposit for Detailing Services.
20-25% Deposit for Ceramic Protection.

COVID-19 Takedown Package

1 Hour @ $119.00

  • Complete Virucidal Disinfectant
  • Total Interior Steaming (275 Degrees, Animal Friendly)
  • Ozonation Removal
  • SilkShine Interior Dressing
  • Airwash (Fragrance and Purifier)

Take Down COVID-19

Our experts are certified to treat your vehicle with a wide variety of the best ceramic coatings and protection.


System X works with CarFax so that your coating job can be officially documented, and the value added to your vehicle when it comes time to sell or trade it in.

Very few ceramic coating companies are CarFax Certified Partners. This is because System X coating formulations have one of the highest concentrations of SiO2 (ceramic polymer chain) on the market.

An equivalent coating cannot be purchased by non-certified ceramic coating businesses.

Get Protected

All prices are set in estimate for a compact sedan. Up to 50% off Motorcycles & ATV! Get a free paint inspection/quote today!


Lifetime Warranty

Diamond Ceramic Coating by DETAIL49
  • - Paint Inspection
  • - Snow Foam Pre-Wash
  • - Full Exterior Hand Wash
  • - Clay Bar and Iron Remover
  • - 1-Step Polish
  • - 2-Step Paint Correction
  • - Surface Prep with Wax Remover
  • - 1 Layer System X Diamond
  • - 1 Layer System X Glass
  • - Tire Dressing

Starting at $1325 + tax


6 Year Warranty

Pro Ceramic Coating by DETAIL49
  • - Paint Inspection
  • - Snow Foam Pre-Wash
  • - Full Exterior Hand Wash
  • - Clay Bar and Iron Remover
  • - 1-Step Polish
  • - 2-Step Paint Correction
  • - Surface Prep with Wax Remover
  • - 1 Layer System X Pro
  • - 1 Layer System X Glass
  • - Tire Dressing

Starting at $1125 + tax


3 Year Inspection Coating

Crystal Ceramic Coating by DETAIL49
  • - Paint Inspection
  • - Snow Foam Pre-Wash
  • - Full Exterior Hand Wash
  • - Clay Bar and Iron Remover
  • - 1-Step Polish
  • - 2-Step Paint Correction
  • - Surface Prep with Wax Remover
  • - 1 Layer System X Crystal
  • - 1 Layer System X Glass
  • - Tire Dressing

Starting at $850 + tax

Foam Cannon Wash & Wax

- Express Tire Detail and Shine

- Chamois Dry

- Premium Wax/Glaze

- Interior Fragrance

Signature Services

- Carpet shampooing/ Hot water extraction - Starting $79

- Full Rim Detail/With Wheel Wax - Starting $69

- Scotch Guard Fabric Protection - Ranging from $40-$55

- Undercoating/Rust Proofing - Starting $100

- Complete 5 step headlight restoration machine polished and coated) - $89

-Scratch Removal - Price varies upon inspection

- Wash/Clay Bar/Wax - Starting $139

- Vinyl-Rubber-Plastic Renewal - Starting at $39.99

- Hazardous Waste Removal - $99

- Odor Neutralizer/Deodorizer - $19.99

- Sap Removal - $99

- Water Spot Removal - Billed $100/Hourly

- Soft Top/Convertible Treatment - Starting $55

- Emblem/Grill/Bumper Machine Polishing - Starting $99

- 4 Step Leather treatment ( Steam/Clean/Condition/Coat) - Ranging $85-$105

Interior Protective Coating

  • Full Interior Detail
  • Leather Cleaner on Seats and Trim
  • System X Interior Ceramic Coating on Seats, Carpet, Leather, and Vinyl
  • 30 Minute Drying Time

Starting at $369

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  • KrystalClear Glass Cleaner
  • High Performance Glass Restorer and Polish
  • 20/20 Cockpit Cleaner (Removes Unsightly Film)
  • System X Glass Coating and Sealant

Windshield: $149 | All Glass: $229

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  • Wheel Faces Only (Barrels are Additional)
  • Full Wheel Detail and Decontamination
  • 1-8 Year Coating Options
  • Special Price for Brand New Wheels (In Box)

Starting at $179

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  • Interior only - $15 - $17 per foot depending upon soil level
  • Interior + wash/wax - $16 - $18 per foot
  • Interior + wash/buff/wax - $20 - $22 per foot
  • Aluminum polishing can be determined upon quote.

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Semi Truck Detail

Boat Detail

Aircraft Detail

Solar Panel Detail


Wash & Wax Package

Foam Cannon, Hand wash, Bug removal, Tar & road debries, Dried with premium chamois, Clean wheels, wheel well, Dress tires, Fragrance, Door jambs, clean exterior windows, Hand apply "Butter wet wax"

Cars: $95
SUVs & Vans: $110
Full size Trucks: $120
(Add Interior: Express Vacuum/Dust Panel & Dashboard/Silk Shine Vinyl & Plastic Surfaces/Clean Interior Windows/Disinfectant/Fragrance for additional $50 to $65, varying by vehicle size)

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Exterior Claybar and Decontamination

Claying is the process of manually removing contaminants from the surface of your vehicles paint, glass, and even wheels. If these contaminants are not removed, it could cause problems with the wax, sealant, or ceramic coating when being applied. it's recommended once a year to preserve clear coat finish.

Cars: $150
SUVs & Vans: $165
Full size Trucks: $185
Add Vacuum & express interior for $40-$50

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The Interior Detail ($199+)

We start this detail with a very in-depth vacuum to remove all dust, debris, pet hair, food crumbs and any other foreign particles in your vehicle. Next we go panel by panel scrubbing and sanitizing to ensure every hard surface in your car is clean.

This includes: door panels, high traffic areas, dash, cup holders, vents, and upholstery to make them look as brand new as possible. Whether you have leather seats or cloth seats, we will tackle the dirt until it's gone. The glass gets a good cleaning, and lastly we apply a finisher/Fabric protector that will seal, condition and protect all of the work we did inside!

Pricing based on condition and size: Starting at:
Cars: $199
SUVs and Vans: $239
Full Size Trucks: $265
*Additonal charges apply in cases of sever pet hair, mold*
*Add exterior: Express Wash / Tire Shine starting for additional $40 or Extreme Exterior for $75

Premier Detail

Complete revitalization of the interior and exterior of your vehicle

1. Pre-rinse / bug and tar removal
2. Pressurized foam wash / 2-bucket system
3. Deep clean wheels and undercarriage
4. Iron removal / Clay decontamination
5. Exhaust tips degreased and restored
6. Premium sealant / wax on paint and rims
7. Leather steam cleaned and conditioned
8. Wheels detail and dressed
9. Air dry mirrors, rims, door jambs
10. Vacuum interior

11. Steam clean fabric
12. Tires dressed (2 steps for added shine)
13. Odor neutralizer / Fragrance of choice
14. Microban disinfection
15. Machine polish emblems/grill
16. Convertible top treatment
17. Vinyl-Rubber-Plastic SilkShine
18. Premium Hand Wax
19. Spray wax on Door handles
20. Complete dash detail

Cars: $275
SUVs and Vans: $300
Full Size Trucks: $350
*Add 1 step paint correction-starting for additional $299 for 2-step with ceramic protection starting $500+


Be Part of Our Story

wash 1

wash 2

wash 3

Engine Bay Spa

1 Hour at $100.00

Engine Degresing | Trim Oil Removal | Contaminate Rinsing | Total Steaming | G6 Hyper-Coat Dressing

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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is a crucial step in the preparation of any ceramic coating job.

It ensures not only the paint is very glossy, but it also removes a 'dead" or oxidized layer of paint that it could cause the ceramic coating bond and to fail at a later date.

Of course not every paint correction job follows with a Coating, but certainly all coating jobs done at Auto Concierge Hawaii will be paired with some level of paint correction.

To learn more about paint correction and how can we help your paint work, please contact us!

paint correction

Paint Correction Price Table

Vehicle Size One Step Two Step
4-Door Car $699.00 $999.00
SUV $799.00 $1199.00
Over-Sized / Large Truck $1099.00 $1399.00
All vehicles are subject to pre-detail inspection and pricing may vary and or suggestions made.

One Step Paint Correction:

This level of paint correction is also known as a One Step polish. Your vehicle will first undergo a complete paint decontamination (Wash, Iron remove, Clay bar) followed up with a complete polishing of your vehicle using our One Step process and One Step product line.

Typically we see about 85% correction with the one step system. Lastly we will machine seal your paint with 6 months of protection, or for a 5 year protection, we can apply our ceramic coating for an additional $399.00.

- If your vehicle is brand new this is most likely going to be your choice of detail.

Two Step Paint Correction:

This level of paint correction will include a full cut with our Compound and Microfiber Cutting Pad.

Then we will finish and jewel the surface with our polish and white foam pad. During this process, we typically see a 95% correction.

We highly recommend applying our 5 year ceramic coating for an additional $399.

Our Vast Selection of Fragrances!

Smell of Success

Strawberry Margarita

Black Frost

New Car Scent

Fresh Glazed Donut

Leather Scent

Warm Apple Pie

Signature JDM

Cold Hard Cash


Kinetic Car Scent

Air Wash

Non-Smoke Ultra Dry Odor Eliminator

4x Stronger Than Competing Brands

Additional $9

Adam Yaghi

Owner Operator | DETAIL49

Celebrity Detailer

Certified System X Ceramic Coater

About DETAIL49

My name is Adam Yaghi, Owner and Operator behind DETAIL49.

While studying Finance at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I became fixated on investments and the value it delivered.

With the world responding to COVID-19, I myself was being forced to respond on my entrepreneurial endeavors. Businesses were being closed, jobs were scarce, unemployment was rising,

and I knew at this moment, My future was only for me to decide. Rewind to the month of March, 2020. Detail49 was born.

Prior to the global pandemic we currently face, I was a member of Sullivan’s Steakhouse dining staff. A Charlotte establishment offering phenomenal entrees and superior service.

This same service, I take pride in now bringing to our wonderful clients.

Our Story

The companies name stems from two significant attributes, being my appreciation for detail as well as my involvement and gratitude towards the UNCC 49er Community!

On top of the “average packages” you may find amongst our competitors, we seek distinction by offering specialty and luxury services “Al la Carte”. In doing so, we are able to deliver unparalleled results and satisfaction on a individual basis.

Our Goal

At DETAIL49 we structure our services with one goal in mind, thus aiming to restore purpose back to all investments (Vehicle-Vessel-Aircraft)

Partnership / Investment Opportunities

Contact us today to learn more information.

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